Achieve stunning nails with GLOW Gel Nail Strips.

2X the volume of your natural nails, making it effortless to achieve a high-volume
and dazzling manicure. No LED light required.

What is Glow?

Fall in love with your manicure all over again with GLOW.
These strips, offering 2X the volume of your natural nails,
make it effortless to attain a stunning manicure in just minutes
no LED light required.

Nail Strip Trio

Get the perfect nail strip for you - GLOSS offers an easy-to-apply polish alternative, GLOW provides 2 times the volume of your natural nails, and GLAZE offers the ultimate gel alternative with 3 times the volume.



Wash hands with soap and water. Shape nails and push back cuticles. Use enclosed Prep Pad to ensure nails are clear from oils and residue. Make sure your nails are completely dry before application.


Select strip size for each nail. For optimal fit, the strip should not exceed past the nail bed onto skin or cuticles.


Gently lift strip from sheet starting from edge. Place strip over the centre of your nail, starting at cuticle line and pressing outward. Press down firmly from centre and side to side.


Fold over excess material. Position the nail file horizontally along the contour of your nail. With one sweeping motion, file firmly across your free edge. Be sure to file in one direction at a time, filing from side to side will tear the edges.


Apply a drop of cuticle oil or acetone remover onto your nail. Use manicure stick to gently and slowly lift nail strip from corner of the cuticle area. Gradually roll the strip off your nail. CAUTION: Do not peel off with force or in one quick motion